Microsoft Exchange Server Cyber Attack

You installed the patch but there’s more. Organizations must diligently comb through their systems to identify damage AND to ensure the hacker has not installed backdoor access or other security compromises.   Background    Microsoft has reported experiencing a sophisticated data breach early March 2021.  Foreign hacking groups used holes in email software and claims … Continue reading Microsoft Exchange Server Cyber Attack

What The Breach? US Government 2020 HACK

 Breakdown In December 2020, public reports emerged detailing one of the most expansive and damaging cyberattacks the US government has ever experienced.  Federal officials stated this attack was “a grave risk to the federal government”.  This (eight to nine month) chain of cyberattacks permeated thousands of global organizations to successfully breach its target. Ten of … Continue reading What The Breach? US Government 2020 HACK

How can I protect my data?

3 Step Data Breach Preparedness The year of 2020 has seen an uptick in headlines regarding the dreaded data breach.  For quite some time cyber experts issued warnings to the business community about the importance of implementing minimal controls and investing in cybersecurity. Experts have also made a concerted effort to shift the paradigm away … Continue reading How can I protect my data?

What is Business Email Compromise?

Overview of Updated Advisory on Email Compromise Fraud Schemes Targeting Vulnerable Business Processes – by FinCEN Advisory Advisory for Attention of CEOs, COOs, CROs, Chief Compliance/BSA Officers, BSA/AML Analysts/Investigators, Information Technology staff, Cybersecurity Units, Fraud Prevention Units, Legal Departments. In its 12-page review, the FinCEN Advisory breaks down the current rising trends in email compromise … Continue reading What is Business Email Compromise?

What is Data Privacy?

Citizens have a right to know how their personal information collected and used. Information privacy, data privacy, or data protection pertains to the relationship between: an entity collecting and disseminating data the technology used expectations of privacy and the legal and political concerns   Strategies used to Gain Access to Networks There are several strategies … Continue reading What is Data Privacy?

Why investing in cybersecurity technologies is a good bet

With advancements in information technology, data transmission and storage get cheaper and efficient. In today’s digital economy, data is the new oil and companies collect and generate large volumes of data known as ‘big data’. This enables smart choices for businesses to innovate and transform business processes and services. However, this revolution comes with consequences … Continue reading Why investing in cybersecurity technologies is a good bet

Cybersecurity in Real Estate & Finance

In the US, the real estate industry has 335,000 companies with combined revenues of $380 billion and the top 50 companies accounted for 20% of total revenues. According to FBI, the real estate cyber attacks complaints increased by 500% in 2018 with $7 billion worth of financial losses. KPMG survey shows that one-third of real-estate … Continue reading Cybersecurity in Real Estate & Finance

Cybersecurity Risks of 5G

The 5th generation of cellular networking (5G) is a game-changer and is shaping up to be paradigm shift to spur the fourth industrial revolution. In contrast to 4G, which was designed for communication and applications, 5G is designed for Internet of Things (IoT) to foster an environment that connects the virtual and physical worlds to … Continue reading Cybersecurity Risks of 5G

Business Case for Cybersecurity in an Enterprise

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the global cybercrime damages will cost $6 trillion by 2021 and there has been an increase of 67% in cybercrime in last five years. In the US, a hacker attacks every 39 seconds and ransomware attacks have growth rate of 3.5x. After a breach, the average share price falls 8% and … Continue reading Business Case for Cybersecurity in an Enterprise